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Monday Nov 27th
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Security Tips for Private Citizens
By Goran Lozo

We live in a wicked world.   Stories that were unthinkable a generation ago are common today: school shootings, child abductions, and violence of every kind.

In times like these, the quickest way to become a victim is to assume that bad things happen to other people. It’s not paranoid; it’s simply practical to step up your basic, everyday precautions to protect yourself, your children and your property.

Once or Never

If you’re lucky, you may never need these tips. But if you’re ever in a crisis even once, your preparation today can save innocent lives.  Never assume that you can recognize criminals from how they look. Assume, instead, that any stranger has the potential to hurt you: in the parking lot, at the ATM, or at your own front door.

As a security professional, I know the lengths that celebrities and the very wealthy go to for protection. You don’t have to spend millions, but if you don’t have the essentials in place now, it’s time to make some basic purchases.

Home Alarm Defense

If you don’t have a system at home, find a phone now. Installation is often free and protection averages about $1 a day.  Have alarms installed on every door and all your windows – including upstairs. Criminals know that you think, “They’ll never try to get in up there.” You’re wrong.

The best system in the world, however, won’t help you if it’s not turned on. Make it a habit every time you leave the house. Remember that criminals love to work the 8-to-5 shift when most of us are at work.  Have the timer changed from 60 seconds to 20 or 30 seconds, if you can easily get to your keypad, because bad guys are fast. They can force your door open and be in and out with an armload before your alarm goes off.

And if you have children, you’re not doing your job as a parent if every door and window in your home isn’t protected. If you think I’m exaggerating, just go online and look up the sex offenders in your zip code.

Handgun Security

I’m not telling you to buy a gun; I’m telling you what to remember if you have one. You can use a gun for self-defense only if it is reasonable and necessary, and if you’re not ready to fire in self-protection, you’re better off without it.

Bottom line: if you keep a gun at home, you’ve got to practice to be safe. Four times a year, minimum. You’ll spend maybe $20 each time for ammunition and shooting range fees.  But what you save may be priceless.

If you have children, always – without exception – lock away your gun in a gun safe when you’re not home. Kids are naturally curious about and drawn to powerful things. When you have a spare 30 minutes, empty your gun, show it to your children and teach them what can happen if they ever touch the trigger.

Personal Safety

Assume that every parking lot is dangerous, and just don’t walk there alone at night. Yes, that includes the lot that’s right in front of your apartment.

Plan ahead and always ask for an escort. Restaurants and stores – and family members – would much rather see you to your car than see you hurt or robbed.  If you must be alone, carry pepper spray and be ready to use it.  Be wary, be alert and be ready to scream and fight.  Sex offenders are everywhere. They are continually tempted, alert for opportunities and ready to take chances – and they live in your neighborhood.  Don’t underestimate the danger.  Never give them the chance to abduct, rape, hurt or kill.

The days when children could walk alone are history. No matter how short the distance, no matter how much they plead, make it an ironclad family rule that no child walks alone. Ever. Because when it comes to children and danger, you can’t react; you can only prevent.

Proactive Protection

You may never need that pepper spray, handgun or home alarm. But you only have to need it once.

Too many women are assaulted. Too many kids are abducted. Too many homes are robbed. You can’t guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you or your family. What you can do is quit being an easy victim.

Goran Lozo is an international karate champion and 5th degree Black Belt, having served as a member of the Yugoslav Special Forces and personal bodyguard for opponents of Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Goran Lozo is owner of the security and investigative company “Tough Guy Security” from Atlanta.

If you wish to contact Goran
you may email him at: mailto:goranlozo@bodyguardinthelineoffire.com,
vist his website at:  http://sandyspringsga.ourlittle.net/eu.aspx?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.bodyguardinthelineoffire.com

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