About Goran


Goran Lozo - Karate champion As a successful karate athlete, I have led what my friends tell me is a remarkable life. Time, circumstance, and a great deal of hard karate training have provided me with opportunities that as a young man, I never dreamt possible. My life’s experiences, both good and bad, have provided me with an insight to human strengths and weaknesses. They have shown me how to use what I learned through karate to identify and deal with fear and insecurity, and other negative aspects of life that holds people back from becoming all that they desire to be. The authentic karate philosophy has also shown me how to identify and exploit the beneficial aspects of life that lead to a more satisfying, positive and successful living experience. All of this in turn has provided me with the knowledge and desire to help those who want to better their lives through the practice of Shotokan karate.

Goran Lozo - Karate champion At age 14, I enrolled in a karate class in my hometown of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Little did I know at the time that this was the beginning of an incredible journey for me, which continues today. On my very first day of class -- before any training began -- my teacher said something that I have never forgotten: “It’s a shame to ever give up.” Since then, I've never given up on anything I started.

Goran Lozo - Specialist in executive protection During the time of war in the former Yugoslavia, and later as a specialist in executive protection, I faced many life or death situations. I had many intense experiences… some good, some not so good. I experienced the best and worst people that had to offer. I witnessed things that I never could have imagined. I saw first-hand how people performed under extremely stressful conditions and developed an understanding of human behavior under the worst of circumstances. I learned a great deal about myself, and a great deal more about others. Despite all of the dangerous situations I was a part of, I have never experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I am certain the main reason for that fact is due to my karate training, which taught me how to maintain mental strength and emotional stability under the highest levels of pressure and stress.

Goran Lozo - World traveler As a successful karate professional, I was in a privileged position. I travelled the world, and lived, worked in, and/or visited more than 40 different countries on six continents, many of them multiple times. During this time, I was exposed to a great variety of different cultures, traditions, and religions. As important as my formal education was, I recognize that my karate travels and related experiences provided me with a knowledge and insight that is not available in any book or classroom.

Goran Lozo - Happy family My most significant accomplishment of my life was meeting and marrying my wife Gordana. We have been together for over 27 years and have weathered many storms together. Our love and respect for each other continues to grow, even after all of this time. Our daughter Sara is our greatest combined accomplishment. She is now 21, a good, confident, and self-sufficient individual and she completes us. Although young, she is already very accomplished in her craft of scenic painting.

I know that I can help you become the person you want to be I have been around and I have done a lot. Throughout my life, regardless of whatever it was I was doing, I have always given it one hundred percent effort -- for myself and for anyone with whom I was working. I have always believed that success was a journey, not a destination. And all journeys start with a first step. The first step in karate is enrolling in training.

Contact Goran Lozo at 404.333.8808 or e-mail me at info@goranlozo.com Whether you are an individual interested in engaging in a healthy lifestyle or learning the art of self-defense, a parent who wants your child to improve self-discipline and self-confidence or law enforcement or a military professional who wants to learn life-saving skills, I am here for you. I know that I can help you achieve your goals. Your genuine desire to learn martial arts and consequently to better your life, my knowledge and diverse array of experiences are the essential ingredients for your success story.

So if you are ready to begin the journey to move your life forward, take the first step toward starting your martial arts journey and call me at 404-333-8808 or e-mail me at info@goranlozo.com